Mobile Capture

I have never been fascinated with smartphones. I usually wanted a cell phone I could make and accept calls from. I don’t text much, I don’t take lots of pictures or videos, and I never use internet. I figured the only real goal of a phone would be to make and receive calls. My children, however, were passionate about smartphones. They would always talk about the most recent update with their phone and all the cool apps you can download and install. I overheard them talking about an app you are able to use to make banking transactions known as mobile capture.

I began to ask questions about it mainly because it sounded like an app I could ultimately use. Making drives to the banking institution to deposit or send money is a hassle. The idea of using an app on my cell phone to do all that seemed very appealing. My kids said I couldn’t download any apps on the mobile phone I currently had. That sort of bummed me out since I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade for an additional few months. Since I truly needed cell phone capture on my cell phone, I asked my son if he could get me a new cell phone as a birthday present, which was only a few days away, and he agreed.

Several days later, my son pleasantly surprised me with a brand-new cell phone. He soon started showing me how to utilize it; he showed me where to go to download apps, the way to text and ways to explore the internet. I couldn’t wait to use it and download cellular phone capture. I couldn’t wait to get my paycheck so that I could test it out. After I finally gotten my paycheck, I utilized the smartphone capture application to take a picture of my paycheck and deposit it straight to my savings account. I couldn’t believe it actually worked. Who knew a single app could make life an awful lot easier? I can finally keep away from that dreadful car ride to the bank all because of my brand-new mobile phone.

I had a few close friends who also didn’t understand the hype over smartphones, however when I got one of my own I had to let them know all about it. I tried to explain to them that there’s more to smart phones than we think. They still couldn’t see why they had to have a smartphone right up until I showed them cellular capture. I taught them all about this and just how much energy and gas I’ve saved using this app and that seemed to get their attention. Some of them looked so attracted to the thought of having a mobile app to get into their bank account, and then the remainder of them didn’t feel safe providing important information to a cell phone app. I assured them it’s very safe and reliable, and this kind of got these people to trust it a bit more. Now, we all have awesome cell phones with fantastic apps. We could all truthfully claim our most loved app is cellular capture.

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