Electronic Prescribing

The day I finished college was the most joyful moment of my life, until I noticed I was going to spend another four years in medical school. The happiness I felt that day slowly began to disappear. However, I had gotten over it and started to apply for some internship where I would shadow a physician for the summer. I patiently waited all week to hear back from them to determine if I received the internship or not. I finally heard back from them when I got the internship. I had been really thankful and ecstatic to begin. My loved ones threw me a modest gathering to compliment me for graduating, starting med school and also acquiring the internship I wanted.

I began right away. I met the doctor I was going to shadow, and he was really nice. He had also been very uptight. I noticed he liked stuff done his way or there’d be repercussions. The very first assignment he presented me was to find some kind of electronic prescribing he can use for his patients. I had no idea what that had been. I thought the best way to prescribe medications was on paper. I wanted to try to ask more questions on where I was able to get this paperless prescribing software, but if I wanted to be impressive I needed to take initiative and get this computer software on my own.

I began researching on the internet and found some terrific software program for digital prescribing. When I was researching, I learned a little more about ePrescribing software. I learned that it’s an easier and a lot more efficient way to prescribe medicine to patients. This particular software program, the doctor is able to access your important information instantly and send any prescriptions right to the pharmacy. It is actually paperless and it saves the patient a lot of time. Instead of just dropping your prescription off and then having to go straight back to buy it, so now you’ll just have to make one visit to go and pick it up. It’s also easier for the physician because he could renew your prescription with only one click. It is a win-win for everybody.

I showed the doctor the software program I stumbled upon and he fell in love with it. He said to buy the program as soon as possible. I had to train myself to work with the software simply because I assumed I had to show the physician how to work with it. It wasn’t very hard to train myself because I’m a fast learner; however, it had been a little tough to teach the doctor. I had been very patient with him and he eventually learned how to put it to use. He was so in love with the prescribing software program that he told his other colleagues about it. He kept bragging on and on how much easier his job is with this electronic prescribing software. I could tell he was totally impressed and this made me happy. I desired to have a lasting impact on him and I am confident I achieved that.

For more information, go to http://www.advancedmd.com/products-solutions/eprescribing/.


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